Providing Australian's Free Usenet Access To Text Newsgroups

Usenet is a worldwide distributed discussion system using the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)

We provide free Usenet access to residential and mobile customers of Australian ISP's and Educational Institutes.

(eg: TPG, Optusnet, Vodafone (AU), Exetel, Skymesh, IInet group, Telstra Retail/Mobile, iPrimus.)

For customers of other Australian Residential ISP's, you may contact us directly to request access.

All users are subject to our Terms of Use

*** June 2016*** Many ISP's in Australia are buying exhausted IPv4 address space from others, and claiming last issues from APNICs "last resort" policy pool,
as a result of this, you may start receiving access denied messages, please contact us and let us know when this happens so we can adjust our access lists.
All Australian ISP Residential Customers will be given free IP access.


NNTP PORT:    119

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